T. Grand International Co., Ltd., one of leading beverage companies in Taiwan, has successfully penetrated in the previous year not only domestic markets as convenient stores, hipper supermarkets, super markets, military stations, schools, conventional stores, but also several foreign markets dominated by Western beverage brands.

Its presence now in Australia, New Zealand, Saipan, Guam, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Hong Kong is seen as a major step forward in expanding the market reach of local beverage producers worldwide.

Over the past years, we have grown from a distributor to a manufacturer,
from some dozen employees to 100 today. R&D center and Marketing center are the two main cores in the development of company.

For products we insist on adding non-harmful food materials. In the wake of our heavy R&D, we successfully developed western drink"Assam Milk Tea""Assam Black Tea", as a significant breakthrough following decade-long R&D in an attempt to revive our traditional drinks amidst to flooding Western style beverages.